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Mixed Media



Customized Portrait Artworks

CUSTOM ARTWORK One of Vinar Creations specialities is custom artwork. By giving a description of what you want, Vinar Creations can craft a completely custom and one of a kind piece. Whether it is a portrait for your study, a collage for your creative space, or something sweet for the kid's room.

Creative still life Series (1-8)

Series of Painting- Madhubani art form with improvised and more creative style. Characterised by catchy geometric patterns and religious motifs, Madhubani (Mithila) style of painting is soaked in mythology and antiquity. “Though I have not had any formal training, it was not difficult for me learn this particular art form. After all, I have inherited it from my Indian culture, and I take great pride in it. It brings beauty and peace, and gives inspiration to do something new. Contours filled with smooth running marrow like lines or cross hatchings to emphasise the sensuous beauty of the represented figures, predominant use of colours like blue, green, yellow, orange and red, and a host of imageries culled from myths, folklore, rituals and contemporary events etc. stands as a major reason to inspire my inner soul.